Jack Perry, Jr. Releases 'The Other Side of Anger; A Son's Search for Peace'

Jack Perry, Jr. Releases 'The Other Side of Anger; A Son's Search for Peace'

ATLANTA, GA - Jack Perry, Jr., former military brat, police officer, US Army Commander, and now esteemed private-sector businessman, teacher and public speaker, announced today the release of his first book, "The Other Side of Anger; A Son's Search for Peace."

In his new book, Jack Perry, Jr. writes about his personal journey to overcome what he witnessed as a child, and even though he found his father's behavior abhorrent, he noticed anger and fear in his own life, and knew that he had to take action to not repeat the sins of his father. In his final visit before his father passed away, Jack struggled to ask his father questions and gain some sort of understanding about why his father was such an angry man, and in those moments, Jack's search for peace and his personal mission in life became clear.

"No man or woman should ever live in fear of another human being; nobody has the right to convince you that you are less than what your heart, spirit and inner voice has programmed you to be in this universe. Everyone who reads this book will walk away different, for the better," said Jack Perry, Jr. "I know that I show up differently in this world, and that's why people are surprised to hear my story."

Excerpts from, "The Other Side of Anger; A Son's Search for Peace:"

"The fortunate thing about this [the death of my father] if there is any fortunate part of this is that I had the opportunity a few weeks earlier to sit down and talk to my dad, and ask him about himself, his life, his anger, and how he grew up, and how he became the man that he was..." Chapter One, My Father's Passing.

'Unfortunately, I thought as a child, as a young boy, that type of behavior [domestic violence] was normal. That's how men were. That's how people were, and that hitting your wife or being verbally abusive to women was normal or okay..." Chapter Two, My Childhood.

"When we bring outside influences and personal problems such as anger into the workplace, we have a tendency to not be open to new understandings, to new ideas, and to new ways of doing things..." Chapter Nine, Leading Others.

"Find out who you are, what your energy is, what your passion is in life, and go share it with the world. Go share your voice with a family member, and you will be surprised and amazed at what energy what abundance comes back to you when you understand yourself and go share that energy with the world." Chapter 17, Shout from the Highest Mountain.