JUNE ROSE is Released

JUNE ROSE is Released

Author Brittany Chandler revisits her enchanting tale and remarkable characters in "June Rose Book 2 at The Dark Month Series." In this book, June has a startling discovery that will enable her to find sense about everything around her. Can she finally take the power of fate and control the lives around her into her own powerful hands?

June Olsen knows hard times and good times. Upon losing her family, she discovers a hidden brother in Ireland. Even when people flock to her and wish to follow her every move, she still feels out of place on a primal level. Is it June or is it those a round her that cause this feeling of difference? She discovers the answer when she meets a stranger who steals her soul with one small glance, an experience she can't understand but needs. When her final change takes place and she joins her spot as equal to her unknown sister, it all makes sense on a deep level to her. Joining the ranks of the Forbidden Ones never felt as good as June can finally take the power of fate and control of the lives around her into her own powerful hands. Can she make it?

Chandler wished to explore the vivid aspect of fiction, a darker side of what could have come to light. She believes that her fondness for darkness can capture the mind and hold the imagination in its grip. There is darkness within each person, but it is more pronounced in some. It is her aim to expose this element of humanity.

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