J. Michael Lewis Releaes “Blessings: Questions and Answers”

J. Michael Lewis Releaes “Blessings: Questions and Answers”

Brain tumor and surgery survivor, J. Michael Lewis, has found his role in life, as a teacher and coach to accepting and acknowledging ones given blessings.

Lewis's book, "Blessings: Questions and Answers," is a new instructional religious guide that elucidates a concise process for solving problems in life by providing advice and methods, along with God-given blessings. This guide uses scripture from the Bible to conclude each chapter and enhances the meaningful passages with personal poems.

"Being a Christian has put me in many situations where something God-given caused me to improve and become experienced in handling blessings," Lewis said.

After Lewis's theological four-year program, he found pursuing a blessing goal more Christian-like than focusing on avoiding sins and trying to be saved from sin. Lewis believes a common blessing applies to needing food, clothing and housing for one's self and family, compared to current news topics.

"Blessings are important, they provide priorities for each Christian's purpose, given by God, although many of us set our priorities from a sin-forgiveness point of view," Lewis said.

J. Michael Lewis
"Blessings: Questions and Answers"
ISBN: 978-1-4908-1833-7
Retail price: $11.95
Available in paperback and hardcover.

About the author:
J. Michael Lewis is a loving father and husband. He suffered from a brain tumor in 2011 and has since recovered. Lewis has received a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master's degree in Engineering, from the University of Tennessee. Lewis has made significant contribution to two National Quality Awards and completed a four-year ministry course by extension. Lewis is also a dedicated member of Waverly Road Presbyterian Church, Kingsport, Tenn.

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