Indy-Based Leadership Program for at Risk Teen Girls Releases Life Coaching Book for Teens

Indy-Based Leadership Program for at Risk Teen Girls Releases Life Coaching Book for Teens

BLING Sorority, an Indy-based leadership program for at risk teen girls, expands nationwide ( An initiative is underway in Indianapolis and is being released nationally for schools, churches, and youth organizations to take part in. BLING Sorority is the brainchild of Shamara Cox, and was deployed to TC Howe Community High School and Emmerich Manual High School, both IPS schools in 2013. As a result of the program's success, it is being offered to schools, churches, and other youth organizations looking to start the same program for at-risk girl's ages 14-19 years old.

The mission of BLING is to raise girls of moral standard, academic determination, personal confidence, and mental dexterity. Girls who are characterized by their virtue and not by their bodies. Girls who are brave enough to shift the downward spiral of social trends.

BLING is the acronym for Brave, Legendary, Influential, Necessary, and Gorgeous. The goal of BLING Sorority is to maintain a 100% graduation rate for its sorority members, increase GPA's by 70% to 75%, decrease behavioral issues, decrease teen pregnancy, increase self-esteem and college readiness. BLING Sorority offers BLING Boutique. Through BLING Boutique the girls are learning entrepreneurship skills by producing quality jewelry, managing inventory, and marketing their product line. BLING Sorority provides the opportunity to travel and participate in empowerment conferences, summits and workshops. BLING Sorority hosts its own annual event, the "Free To Be Me Summit." Last year was BLING's first annual event. The Summit brought together national recording artists, speakers, business men and women, supporters, and members of the general public to support the BLING girls as they showcased their talents at the Indiana Historical Society. Details and photos of their events and activities can be found on the website (

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