INSIDE THE GIANT MACHINE Celebrates 2nd Anniversary of Kindle Edition with $0.99 Downloads

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INSIDE THE GIANT MACHINE Celebrates 2nd Anniversary of Kindle Edition with $0.99 Downloads

San Francisco, California -- Two years ago, former manager Kalpanik S. demonstrated his courage to speak up by sharing shocking details of inner culture in his brazen memoir "Inside the Giant Machine: An Story, second edition". This short book captures the emotional and physical toll of working at Amazon where employees' emotional and physical well being is often sacrificed to achieve productivity improvements. The book describes Amazon's obsession with "metrics" which not only includes numeric targets for things like packing and shipping boxes by warehouse workers or call handled by customer support, but also quotas on number of employees supposed to fired by each supervisor every year.

This easy to read eBook which is equivalent to about 180 print pages was an instant hit in its category with readers downloading more than 20,000 copies on eBook platforms such as Kindle and Nook.

The publisher Center of Artificial Imagination is now celebrating the books' second anniversary by offering it for only $0.99 for a week.

George A., a reader from San Francisco Bay Area describes how each of the hundreds of times he purchased something at, he wondered at how smart the people who got it working must have been. He found the book to give him a peak behind the curtain, calling the company "long on brain and short on soul" comparing the company to a chess-playing computer that beats a grand-master, "you acknowledge the machine's superiority but don't admire it." He also describes author's style to be engaging and candid.

"The book evolved from a series of blog articles that were authored in 'real time' before, during and after my stint at At the time of writing, I did not know how the rest of the story will turn out, so the only agenda I had while writing was sharing my journey with my friends," says Kalpanik S. "I do hope that this short book will motivate executives to reconsider managing employees by making them feel inadequate. Silicon Valley has several leading companies that achieved success by taking care of their workers and making them feel valued."

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