Human Factors International Announces Release of INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF UX by Eric Schaffer

Human Factors International Announces Release of INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF UX by Eric Schaffer

Human Factors International (HFI) announces the release of Institutionalization of UX: A Step-by-Step Guide to a User Experience Practice 2 nd Edition (Addison-Wesley, December 2013), by HFI CEO Eric Schaffer, PhD and Global Chief of Technical Staff Apala Lahiri.

First published in 2004 as Institutionalization of Usability, this new, expanded edition looks beyond the science of usability to the broader, deeper implications of user experience (UX). Institutionalization of UX shows how to develop a mature, user-centered design practice within an enterprise. Readers are guided through a step-by-step methodology, including practical advice on the organizational changes, milestones, toolsets, infrastructure, staffing, governance, and long-term operations needed to support the shift to industrial-strength UX.

The second edition:

  • Shows how to build industrial-strength UX practices into an organization.
  • Discusses strategy and how to transform executive intent into successful designs that achieve measurable results.
  • Offers a new set of methods and insights on designing for engagement, psychological influence, and customer commitment.
  • Highlights the critical need for designing cross-channel integrations and optimizations that provide good customer experiences.
  • Features a new chapter by cross-cultural design and contextual innovation expert Apala Lahiri on managing cultural differences for international organizations and the current best practices for a global UX operation.

"Today, organizations must create routinely usable applications and deal with advanced capabilities like customer strategy, innovation, and persuasive design," says HFI CEO Eric Schaffer. "Happily, after decades of work in the field, we know not only how to build innovative, easy, and compelling software, but also how to reliably and efficiently setup a serious UX practice that institutionalizes UX to build good experiences on an industrial scale."

Apala Lahiri adds, "There is a fork in the road right now for the UX community. Should we continue to stay 'boutique' and in our comfort zone, or should we up the ante and transition to complex, industrial scale UX? The book helps in deciding which road to take and how."

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