How to Leave a Legacy Beyond Money Releases On Kindle and E-book, 2/3

After a successful launch in traditional print format, Inprov Books will release Your Future Reflection: How to Leave a Legacy Beyond Money through Kindle and all major e-book formats on Monday, February 3. Author Guy Hatcher's fatherly wisdom combined with decades of financial planning and life coaching experience has already found a fond audience re-thinking the key elements for families planning for the future.

As the e-book launch nears, Hatcher will be appearing on several media outlets including:

American Family Radio - Today's Issues
The Global Dispatch Podcast
LeSea Broadcasting - The Harvest Show
WATC - Atlanta Live
UCB Radio - Canada
Christian Television Network - Bridges
Babbie's House

Known as the "Legacy Guy," Hatcher has created a reputation for going beyond financial planning by exploring the core values unique to each family. While he explores the importance of preparing for our retirement finances, Hatcher explains that future planning needs to extend past material assets and embrace the key ethics and principles that you hope will extend to future generations.

Hatcher has sat across the kitchen table from over 10,000 families, hearing their needs and helping calm their fears about the future. His proven approach merges a blend of money management, tough love and an honest appraisal of core values that create what he calls "a-ha" moments.

These moments allow for families to identify all-encompassing plans that not only address a family's heritage and principles, but focuses on each person's God-given gifts, embraces their purpose and passion and launches a plan that will create generations of impact.

In Your Future Reflection, Guy brings proven insights and step-by-step guidance in:

  • Passing your core values to future generations
  • Establishing your family's "brand"
  • Understanding the power of "The Blessing" - how to receive it and how to give it
  • Clarifying your vision
  • Establishing a "Family Life Plan"
  • And much more.

Book info:
Your Future Reflection: How to Leave a Legacy Beyond Money
Publisher: Inprov Books
Author: Guy Hatcher
ISBN: 978-0-9833462-7-2
Softcover Price: $12.99
E-book Price: $9.99

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