Home Care Assistance Publishes MIND OVER GRAY MATTER


Home Care Assistance, North America's leading provider of in-home care for seniors and the publisher of the award-winning healthy longevity book series, is proud to announce the release of Mind Over Gray Matter: An Innovative Approach to Dementia Care. Nearly half of individuals aged 85 and over are living with dementia. As lifespans continue to increase, finding a cure for dementia will be the most significant global health challenge of the 21st century.

Mind Over Gray Matter is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of the existing research on dementia - how it affects the mind, how it progresses and how symptoms can be delayed. That knowledge is synthesized into an innovative new approach to dementia care that offers evidence-based techniques to improve quality of life and slow the progression of the disease. This practical advice arms families with the knowledge and skills needed to support their loved ones safely and comfortably at home.

"Dementia prevention and treatment is probably the most significant and talked about topic in the aging industry today," said Lily Sarafan, President of Home Care Assistance. "People often feel helpless because dementia is a mentally debilitating condition, but a deeper understanding of the disease can allow individuals to slow the progression and families to provide better support to their loved ones. As the disease progresses, care needs will evolve and caregivers will have to adopt new strategies to address these needs. We are addressing these challenges with an accessible guide on the whys, hows and what nows of dementia care."

Home Care Assistance's healthy longevity book series offers an in-depth look at the challenges facing our aging population and what we can do to ensure healthy and happy aging at home. Topics covered in the previous books include lifestyle choices to promote optimal health and lifespan in older adults, how to best provide quality care for an aging loved one in the home, hospital discharge and post-hospitalization care at home and understanding how the five senses evolve as we age.