'Helping Boys Learn' Offers Strategies for Parents

'Helping Boys Learn' Offers Strategies for Parents

Edmond J. Dixon, Ph.D. offers practical teaching strategies with parents' and teachers' editions of a new book, "Helping Boys Learn: 6 Secrets for Your Son's Success in School."

Dixon, a teacher of 30 years with sons of his own, shares six major teaching strategies for the education of boys; they've been overlooked in school curricula, he says. His guide offers not only background information on how and why boys learn the way they do, it also gives invaluable, practical tips that can be implemented immediately to boost their academic achievement.

"This book is for those who want to help the boys in their lives be successful," Dixon says. "There are editions for both parents and teachers because, while their roles are inextricably intertwined, they need different strategies to be successful."

In recent years, multiple studies have revealed what teachers have long known: that our boys have fallen behind our girls in school, he says. Motivated engagement and discretionary effort are the two crucial ideas propelling his six secrets into action, inspiring the self-motivated learning of boys, he says.

"Boys and girls are simply different; boys are more physical and competitive, so it's understandable that passively sitting in a desk for several hours a day doesn't work for most of them," Dixon says. "The teaching strategies I detail allow boys to be proactive in their learning."

With headlines including Common Core, the new educational initiative implemented throughout most of the United States, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which continue to dominate headlines, his book of insightful teaching strategies for boys is clearly necessary, he says.

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