Heavenly Wisdom Reinforces Michael Jackson's Apparitions in Book II

February 21
7:52 2013

Heavenly Wisdom Reinforces Michael Jackson's Apparitions in Book II

Michael Jackson continues to touch and change people's lives today. Tammy Bimrose is just a regular mother of four who lived a relatively ordinary life-that is, until a paranormal visit from the highly influential and powerful King of Pop changes her life forever. After her debut book about her apparitions from no other than the spirit of Michael Jackson himself, Bimrose's newly published book, titled Our Journal Our Journey - Vol. 2, continues the journey with more laughter, more thrill-with Michael being typically Michael-and with greater spiritual testament.

In the first volume, Bimrose revealed how her first-hand encounter with the spirit of the late Michael Jackson had led her to a greater knowledge that she could not have possibly imagined. In her quest to share the message of the legend, she shared riveting insights and compelling truths about the true things that matter in life, love and even in death. She detailed what Michael exactly told her, and how he manifested into her daily endeavors.

In this second installment, Bimrose continues to unravel the many twists and turns of her journey. She singles out one twist that she found to be spiritually captivating, not just for her, but "for all who call this planet home." While the first book opened readers' minds to fathom that there is in fact an afterlife, this second book takes on a whole new and deeper meaning as it particularly draws wisdom from the fountain of great spiritual wealth.

In Our Journal Our Journey - Vol. 2, Bimrose discloses that Jesus informed her that time is of the essence as one of the most important periods of peoples' lives-where all religious beliefs, all prophecies, and mythology converge-is at hand. The book challenges readers to further open their minds and accept the reality contained within its pages, unveiling a foreshadowing no one should ignore. This time, MJ is not the only one who says so.


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