Heart Specialist Releases Debut Book, A VALENTINE WEEKEND

Heart specialist and author Gerald E. Moutra relaunches his debut book for people who long to establish meaningful relationships in all areas in their lives, titled "A Valentine Weekend." Moutra's work is more than just a self-help book on relationships or an instructional manual of personal advice. This work is one of many tools that all readers could use in order for them to take any relationship to the next level.

Moutra's book is about knowing how to connect with people even before one begins to open up his or her life to a meaningful relationship. Moreover, it also tackles and focuses on understanding the true nature and meaning of love. It follows very interesting characters such as Jackie, Donnie, Brandy, Denise and Spring. Each of these characters possesses a unique personal struggle that must be overcome to achieve a healthy, lasting relationship.

Although Moutra understands that his book may not be the best book on relationships that is out there in the market today, he believes that being a cardiovascular technologist enables him to have a distinctive and relevant insight into what is really going on within a person. After all, who does not have a heart? Many people may look healthy on the outside, but in truth, they are really sick inside because their heart is terribly suffering.

With relationships going sour, the trauma of divorce and lethal heart illnesses, "A Valentine Weekend" may be the helpful antidote that people need in their lives. An easy, relevant and timely read, this book offers a clearer outlook on establishing new healthy relationships or preserving and strengthening old and existing ones.

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