HarperCollins to Publish 'Facing East' by Jingduan Yang MD

HarperCollins to Publish 'Facing East' by Jingduan Yang MD

NEW YORK, NY - Tao Institute of Mind and Body Medicine, in association with Tao of Living LLC, is pleased to announce that their founder, Jingdaun ("JD") Yang, MD, board-certified psychiatrist, has signed with HarperCollins Publishers for his book "Facing East" with collaboration by fashion icon Norma Kamali, sold by agent Alan Morell, Creative Management Partners.

Dr. Yang said: "We're very excited about our Integrative Medicine Network (IMN) Model, which I spoke to many agents about before personally selecting top agent Alan Morell, who understands the full potential of our IMN initiatives."

"I worked with Lisa Sharkey and her talented team at HarperCollins for my client Dr. Bob Arnot's New York Times bestselling book, 'Aztec Diet' and additionally with them on 'The Original Greek Diet,' by my clients Chef Maria Loi and Sarah Toland, coming out this fall and I felt my client Jingdaun Yang MD, would be an ideal fit for Lisa and HarperCollins in collaboration with Norma Kamali and writer Hope Innelli. Our next agenda is to create product licensing to support Dr. Yang's book and were currently in talks with my client, VitaQuest CEO Keith Frankel on this initiative," said agent Alan Morell.

About Jingdaun Yang, MD:

Jingduan Yang, MD, FAPA, Integrative Psychiatry & Natural Medicine, Medical Director, Locations: Marlton, NJ | Bryn Mawr, PA | Philadelphia, PA | New York, NY

Dr. Yang is a leading physician, board-certified psychiatrist and international expert on classic forms of Chinese Medicine. He uniquely incorporates acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, neuro-emotional technique, nutritional and dietary consultation, psychotherapy and medication management in the care of patients with a variety of emotional and physical illnesses.

Following family tradition, he is a fifth generation teacher and practitioner of Chinese medicine, specializing in acupuncture. Dr. Yang received his medical and neurology training at the Fourth Military Medical University in Xian, China. He then completed a research fellowship in clinical psychopharmacology at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. When he relocated to the United States, Dr. Yang worked as a professor at the Minnesota Institute of Acupuncture and Herbal Studies, while obtaining all necessary credentialing to be a licensed U.S. physician. He then completed residency training in psychiatry at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Dr. Yang has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in his fields of expertise, and he has been a speaker at several national and international conferences and academic forums. In 2008, awarded with the Bravewell Fellowship, Dr. Yang completed a 2-year long prestigious Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona. This Fellowship had been launched in 2000 by internationally recognized integrative medicine pioneer Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Yang has been a certified Neuro-Emotional Technique practitioner since early 2011. Dr. Yang is the founder and medical director of Tao Integrative Medicine.