Hank Flick Says 'It's Okay to Be Single'

Hank Flick Says 'It's Okay to Be Single'

Starkville, Miss.

Mississippi State professor and author Hank Flick claims that out of the nearly 100 million single Americans, about 40 percent of them are "unweddable." His new book, "The Unweddables Among Us" (published by WestBow Press), addresses the concept of unweddable persons and helps singles and couples build better relationships.

Flick defines an unweddable single person as one who is either unwilling or unable to maintain a healthy long-term relationship. Some choose to remain single while others decide to marry which, Flick asserts, is the wrong choice. His goal is to help singles understand what it takes to be unweddable and how to build and maintain a successful romantic relationship.

"The Unweddables Among Us" guides readers through the 12-step romantic relationship process, advising them on ways to strengthen relationships. Flick offers a detailed analysis on which qualities are best suited for life partners and which negative qualities singles should be on the lookout for.

Flick believes that being single can be a positive choice, and God does not want all people to be married. Through his book, he aims to better prepare singles and couples for the challenges marriage brings.