Gwendolyn J Hatcher Talks About Power of Family in New Book

Gwendolyn J Hatcher Talks About Power of Family in New Book

Every day, thousands of people contribute to the World Archives Projects on the genealogy site, The site uploads documents such as census, land and vital records, and users can contribute information to the names listed on the documents, thereby providing more information for those searching for a family member in the listed document.

When author Gwendolyn Hatcher began her own ancestry research, was a useful tool, but most of her research came from her own records and the oral history that had been passed down. Her new book, "Souls: A Genealogical Collection" (published by Trafford Publishing), serves as both an account of Hatcher's fascinating family history, as well as a useful guide for those looking to trace their own family histories.

"The book is special in that it combines history with genealogy, and it shares spiritual truths," says Hatcher of her book. "Readers can use this book as a blueprint, and they can fill in the names and situations regarding their ancestry to compile their own stories. At the same time, as a genealogical collection, many readers may find that they are distant cousins or otherwise related."

Hatcher can trace her family all the way back through the 17th century and what unfolds is a story of hope and triumph. Though some were brought to the United States as slaves, Hatcher's ancestors were well educated and founded some of the first African American schools, churches and communities. They fought back against adversity with knowledge and spirituality, paving the way for their descendants to enjoy success and freedom.

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