Greg Bourgond Releases SETTING YOUR COURSE

Greg Bourgond Releases SETTING YOUR COURSE

Shoreview, Minn.

Author Greg Bourgond, who has a doctorate of ministry in church leadership, has been helping people along their paths to self-discovery since 1992. Through one-on-one and group mentoring sessions, Bourgond says he has seen people make tremendous breakthroughs. Through his new book, "Setting Your Course: How to Navigate Your Life's Journey" (published by iUniverse), Bourgond aims to do the same for readers everywhere.

"My book establishes the importance and need for a focused life," Bourgond says. "Many books of a similar nature do the same, however, my book tells you how to attain it in a practical step-by-step way, with detailed strategies, methods and procedures using helpful word pictures, aids, and forms."

Bourgond's experience as a leader and mentor manifests itself in "Setting Your Course" as he breaks his process down into three parts. He begins with "the compass", which he says will help readers orient themselves in accordance with biblical principles. He then covers "the map", which defines the trajectory one is to follow based on how Bourgond says God has wired readers. Bourgond closes with "the guide", which stresses the importance of being mentored and mentoring others.

"People want to know their life matters," Bourgond says. "They want to know that their life made a difference. They want answers to the basic questions of life - why am I here, am I making any progress, and will what I do have any lasting impact? This book will help them come to clarity about these issues, and engage a life that lives out the implications of their findings."