GraphicAudio's Twenty Off Tuesdays Features OUTLANDERS

GraphicAudio's Twenty Off Tuesdays Features OUTLANDERS

Two hundred years after a nuclear holocaust devastated the Earth, the chaos and barbarism as depicted in the DEATHLANDS series gave way to a centralized, despotic government ruled by nine mysterious barons. Rearmed from redoubt stockpiles, the barons consolidated their power and reclaimed very advanced technology created two centuries before by the so-called "Totality Concept".

Their power bolstered by the invisible authority known only to an elite few as the Archons extended beyond the fortified city-states into what came to be called the Outlands. There, the rootstock of humanity survived, eking out an existence in hellzones and hounded by black-armored Magistrates, the enforcers of the barons' laws. Outlanders follows the adventures of a core group of explorers, Kane, Grant, Brigid Baptiste and Domi who operate out of a secret military base known as the Cerberus Redoubt.

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Written by James Axler
Science Fiction / Fantasy
Number of Titles: 50
Approximate Running Time: 341 Hours
Number of CDs: 347
Content Rating: Ages 18+
Available in USA and Canada Only

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