Gleanster Releases A Publisher's Guide to Programmatic Media Selling and Buying

Gleanster Releases A Publisher's Guide to Programmatic Media Selling and Buying

STAMFORD, CT - Gleanster, a research company that benchmarks best practices in technology-enabled business initiatives, today announced the release of "A Publisher's Guide to Programmatic Media Selling & Buying: Making Programmatic Work for You," which details the many ways digital publishers can use programmatic buying and selling to maximize their revenue.

"Programmatic media buying continues to gain traction as the efficiency and effectiveness of automated machine-based buying, specifically in real-time bidding (RTB) exchanges, justifies increased spend from brand marketing budgets. According to a study from eMarketer, RTB spend is expected to double between 2014 and 2017, moving from $4.6B to more than $9B," the report indicates.

Gleanster's complimentary research report focuses on helping publishers define their role in the future of programmatic media through a detailed exploration of programmatic that is designed to help publishers take an offensive position in the evolving digital display ecosystem. The independent report was underwritten by MediaCrossing to enable free distribution.

The research report is authored by Ian Michiels, Principal and CEO of Gleanster Research, and uses the company's recent Q1 2014 Programmatic Marketing survey of publishers as the focus for the Deep Dive report. Among other findings, the survey revealed that "57 percent of publishers surveyed weren't entirely confident in their understanding of programmatic marketing." In order to support publishers, the research report provides a thorough understanding of how programmatic can help minimize unsold inventory and maximize ad revenue by moving more inventory, including premium, efficiently and at higher eCPMs.

Michiels said, "Historically, publishers have been hesitant to embrace programmatic advertising as a viable option, due to misconceptions or lack of knowledge about programmatic buying and selling. Our goal in publishing this research report is to address these concerns and show publishers how programmatic trading can help them to monetize and more efficiently move their inventory."

Founder, Chairman and CEO of MediaCrossing, William "Bill" Lederer, added, "Gleanster's survey reveals the elephant in the room, which is that over half of publishers lack the knowledge, education and resources needed to successfully navigate today's digital media landscape. By offering this research report, we are handing publishers a tool to help them better understand available resources and to compete by leveling the playing field with the demand side of the market."

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