Gazelles Systems Releases New Book 'Rhythm'

Gazelles Systems Releases New Book 'Rhythm'

Only 2% of companies ever reach the $10 million revenue mark, the elite 2%. What are these companies doing differently than the 8 of 10 businesses that fail within the first 18 months? Through research and years of experience helping top companies in the world, Patrick Thean, CEO of Gazelles Systems and worldwide speaker, has determined that successful companies are committed to three rhythms: a Think Rhythm, a Plan Rhythm and a Do Rhythm. In his new book, "Rhythm: How to Achieve Breakthrough Execution and Accelerate Growth," Thean outlines his simple system for getting executive teams and their departments to execute better and faster.

"Rhythm" has practical information to help company leaders come up with the right strategies to double revenue in three to five years and the KPIs, dashboards, and meeting habits to effectively implement their strategic plan. Along with the book launch, Thean is sharing free resources including tools and guides to help readers implement his simple system for developing Think, Plan, Do rhythms for business growth. Resources are available for download at this link:

Clients in various industries including hospitality, manufacturing, retail, technology, and education experience breakthroughs using Thean's approach. Using Rhythm methodology and tools, clients have seen substantial results including increased revenue and profits, expedited implementation of major projects, and enhanced execution leadership capabilities for executives facing increasingly complex problems in their ever-growing businesses. For example, AvidXchange used Rhythm to increase productivity by 300% and bring a new product to market six months faster. More Rhythm case studies are available at this link:

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