Galaxy Press to Celebrate 4th of July with Selected Patriotic Titles

June 12
7:04 2014
Galaxy Press to Celebrate 4th of July with Selected Patriotic Titles

Hollywood, CA

It was announced by Galaxy Press in anticipation for this year's upcoming 4th of July celebrations, that two titles were being featured as their "Celebrating our Independence" package.

What makes this particular set of books and audiobooks so special is that the air adventure story The Dive Bomber written by L. Ron Hubbard was originally published in July 1937 and later released under the same title as a feature film in 1941 by Warner Bros. Pictures, starring Errol Flynn and Fred McMurray.

Both titles, written after WWI and prior to WWII, deal directly with attempted enemy sabotage and selling out to foreign countries, very real concerns of the day-and day not so different than today. These stories also tell of the dawn of aviation where the tides of war could have been changed if any country were to gain the upper hand in air superiority. So, in addition to being very pro-America, the very real urgency of the times are made very real in these two stories.

After release of the initial film version, Hubbard wrote about this story, "You may get a question from the audience or someone as I don't think my name is on the subtitles of credit for story. The reason for this is that Warner Bros. shot the whole film and got it in the can before somebody had noticed that they had forgotten to contract with me and pay me for it. They hastily made up for this omission but after the film was released.

Hubbard, in addition to being an internationally bestselling author who also fought with distinction in three theaters during WWII, wrote in recalling the making of the Dive Bomber movie, "There is an amusing anecdote connected with this: It was just before I shipped out for the South Pacific as a naval officer.... When it was over, I used the check to take a holiday in the Caribbean. And that's the story of 'Dive Bomber.'

"The audience will have the advantage of me; I've never seen it. They didn't have movies where I went."

The Dive Bomber is the story of famous test pilot Lucky Martin who clashes with a man who wants to sell planes to a foreign power and who will stop at nothing-including sabotage-to destroy Martin and double-cross the US government.

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