GOD REVEALED Challenges Christians To Apply Their Faith In God

In a book to be published next week, Fred Sievert, a former Fortune 100 "workaholic" president, challenges Christian professionals to exercise their faith to balance home life with their career aspirations.

GOD REVEALED reflects these findings and demonstrates that by relying on God's guiding hand, readers can reduce the stress and anxiety that leads to inefficient, unsatisfying work and life habits.

GOD REVEALED guides readers to:

  • Reflect on their own experiences for evidence of God's guidance,
  • Consider the possibility that their experiences may have been providential rather than serendipitous,
  • Become attuned to watching and listening for guidance from God in the future as they learn to balance work, family and spirituality.

About the Author

In 2007, Fred Sievert retired early as president of New York Life Insurance Company, a Fortune 100 corporation. Feeling he had neglected his spiritual education and development, Sievert enrolled in divinity school where he earned a master's degree in religion in May 2011.

Though Sievert was not raised in an overtly Christian family, he found God through various life experiences that started in adolescence. This foundation guided and often moderated his aggressive pursuit of business success and the American Dream. His stories of encounters with God have been published in numerous printed and electronic periodicals, attracting a large audience of believers, many of whom in turn have shared their own realizations triggered by the work.

SOURCE Fred Sievert

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