G.J. Machaby Releases 'The Last Thanksgiving'

October 8
6:27 2013

G.J. Machaby Releases 'The Last Thanksgiving'

For most Americans, Thanksgiving is a day to gather with friends and family and share in the heavenly bounty that has been bestowed upon them; except of course, for the first Americans, whose idea of that particular holiday might not be quite as romantic. In his new book, author G.J. Machaby gives an ironic twist to the time-honored American holiday, turning The Last Thanksgiving into an action-packed spectacle that touches on the sordid history of the occasion, and the great injustice perpetuated against the original Americans in the past.

As far as the original Americans were concerned, they had been invaded by a brutal force of illegal immigrants who drove the natives off their lands, took away their rights and freedoms, imposed a foreign and alien way of life and language upon them, and waged wars of terror, genocide and wanton mass destruction. The descendants of the victorious invaders, the illegal immigrants from Europe, now claim the nation as theirs, but as they celebrate Thanksgiving by gobbling copious amounts of turkey, a crack team of true Americans commence a daring mission to correct the injustices of the past.

From their super secret headquarters located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, an army of warriors calling themselves the Original Homeland Security have devised a clever plan for retribution and have returned to Plymouth, Massachusetts, the site of the very first Thanksgiving, in order to implement it. There, they stage a two-pronged operation to surprise the occupying forces in a bold effort to liberate Cape Cod by any means necessary. Their campaign to bring freedom and justice does not go unnoticed, however, and the government sends its own teams of elite Army soldiers, but their forces soon encounter the same dilemma that is plaguing the Native Americans. Wild cards that suddenly emerge from the woodwork leave both sides with little choice but to roll with the punches, and when all seems to be lost, the unlikeliest of heroes emerge to try and save the day, but time is running short for them. If things take a tragic turn, this may well be The Last Thanksgiving of Cape Cod.


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