GALUNKER Children's Book Helps Change Perception of Pit Bulls

GALUNKER Children's Book Helps Change Perception of Pit Bulls

TORONTO, May 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Galunker is a rhyming, illustrated children's book, with a nod to Dr. Seuss, about a pit bull rescued from a fighting ring. This dog experiences all manner of prejudice, simply because he looks mean. Of course, Galunker has a big ridiculous heart, and is about as dangerous as a marshmallow.

Galunker escapes from the dogcatcher and is adopted by another outsider: Blinky, an awkward girl with a motor-mouth and an eye patch. The story turns into a battle of wits between these two and the animal control authorities, who are determined to capture Galunker and deliver him to the sinister local shelter:

"This shelter was no kind of shelter, alack. No dog ever sent there had ever come back."

Galunker is primarily intended to be comical and entertaining, but it also addresses an important issue. Several types of dog notably Rottweilers, Dobermans, and various breeds identified as "Pit Bulls" have been branded as "aggressive breeds," and are subject to punitive laws.

This book strives to educate the public. Experts tell us that dangerous behavior in a dog is not inherent it depends entirely upon how it is raised. There are no bad dogs; just bad owners.

Galunker will include an essay, directed at parents, with the information required to keep their children safe. They should not worry about breed, for instance: simply by spaying or neutering their dog, they are making your home a much safer place some 80% of serious dog incidents involve unfixed males.

Galunker is an unusual project in many ways. Not least of which is that the writer and illustrator have never met in real life. Douglas Anthony Cooper wrote a text that required a brilliant illustrator, and stumbled over Dula Yavne's art online. They immediately bonded, and dove into a collaboration. All of their communication has been digital.

The publication of Galunker leans heavily on processes never available in a pre-digital world. Committed pit bulls advocates, worldwide, are connected almost entirely through online communities: Facebook groups, blogs, etc. The internet will play a huge part in the distribution of the book.