Francisco Estévez Releases 'Through the Eyes of the Master'

Francisco Estévez Releases 'Through the Eyes of the Master'

In Through the Eyes of the Master, author Francisco Estévez weaves a story that brings readers into a spiritual journey of discovery and gives them a glimpse beyond what is real. It was inspired by his friend's near-death experience that had a deep impact on his life and the relevance of what he was told could have in many people´s life, especially among Karate and martial arts followers.

A Karate-Do instructor became a victim of a violent street assault that sends him into a coma. While unconscious, he has a near-death experience where he finds the profound happiness that eludes him on this earth. Reluctant to return to his body, he is granted one of his most unattainable dreams: to meet the founder of Karate-Do, Gichin Funakoshi Sensei, a figure who has had a remarkable impact on his life, deceased then for 41 years. The thoughts that Funakoshi Sensei reveals from the other side will definitely not be appreciated by those who have commercialised karate to the point of turning the ancient practice of martial arts into a business venture. But will instead be a source of inspiration to those who are already on the Budo path or about to undertake it.

Francisco Estévez, a long time Karate Do student, describes a near death experience that confirms his belief that death does not exist but it is just a door to another level of existence. We see through the eyes of master Funakoshi that we all have a purpose in life and our aim on earth is to fulfill a mission. Traditional martial arts are a unique way to reach our inner selves and a wonderful tool for self-development.

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