'First-String Future' by Kat Corbett is Released

'First-String Future' by Kat Corbett is Released

Orlando, FL

Kat Corbett adds to her considerable repertoire in creating this series of novels for girls who love ballet. "First-String Future" (published by iUniverse) is the first book in the DanceFutures series.

Tori, age 13 in Book One, lives for dance and loves animals. As a serious ballet student, her life outside of school is all dance classes, leaving her little time for friends. In school, as an animal lover, she wrestles with the requirement to dissect a frog in science class.

Having worked for years toward her "first-string" future as a dancer, Tori is now wondering if she should settle for her "second-string" career choice, working with animals. She feels bad that her mother, despite worsening arthritis, must keep working to pay for her lessons. But not to dance ... dance is her life! In this year of decision, Tori must decide whether to follow her heart or her head.

"First-String Future" reflects the lives of aspiring young dancers, whose struggles this author knows well. Corbett captures their dedication and exhilaration in vivid characters who share their world.

Readers can stay with Tori through "Future Perfect" and "Future Imperfect," Books Two and Three of the DanceFutures series. Book Four is to follow.