'Financial Fitness for Teens' Book Available Soon

'Financial Fitness for Teens' Book Available Soon

While LIFE Leadership normally focuses on adults with its numerous programs and materials that teach self-development skills and support personal and professional growth, the organization's founders say they realize that young people can also benefit significantly from teaching and motivation to achieve their goals. "There is no age limit on success or the thinking behind it," says LIFE Leadership cofounder and Edge creator Chris Brady.

Wanting to offer youth within the targeted age range of twelve through eighteen the opportunity to get a head start in life by learning from the experience and wisdom of those who have already "been there and done that," the company released a program called Edge in 2012. Brady says, "As adults, how many of us have had the thought: 'If only I'd known THEN what I know NOW...' The Edge Series is designed to transfer that knowledge to the next generation NOW!"

The company says the Edge Series is a hard-core, no-frills series of audio messages that teach leadership and success principles, promote self-confidence, and encourage drive and motivation. They created the monthly series to give youth timely advice and information on common obstacles they may face as well as true stories of success from famous and fascinating people, including but not limited to entrepreneurs, leadership experts, sports figures, and other youth who have already begun applying the principles taught and achieving certain levels of success for themselves. A subscription to the series costs $10.00 per month.

As an accompaniment to the monthly audio series, LIFE Leadership will be releasing its second book for the youth Edge program, 'Financial Fitness for Teens,' in September. The goal of the book is to teach young people all about the basics of personal finance and make it easy and enjoyable to put the lessons to use in everyday life. Topics covered include the different ways to make money, saving, budgeting, investing, and more.

The first book in the Edge program, entitled simply 'Edge,' was written by 'New York Times' bestselling authors Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward and released in November of 2013. The authors say it offers insight, inspiration, and practical advice for young people in all areas of life based on their personal experience and the lessons they have learned throughout their many years of being engineers, entrepreneurs, husbands, fathers, friends, and Christians. The book also features two popular cartoon characters created by author Chris Brady: Obstaclés, the fiendish antagonist who personifies the obstacles to success that everyone faces, and Rascal, the brave, determined hero figure who strives for excellence and persistently overcomes Obstaclés at every turn. The authors also encourage readers to challenge themselves to "Find Obstaclés" hiding throughout the pages of the book (much like playing "Where's Waldo?" created by British illustrator Martin Handford) as an entertaining way to solidify the lessons taught in their minds and receive encouragement to face any annoying, real-life obstacles to success.