Fictional Cult Hero Martin Muntor Takes on Cigarette Firms in Frank Freudberg's New Audiobook Thriller 'Find Virgil'

June 3
9:33 2014
Fictional Cult Hero Martin Muntor Takes on Cigarette Firms in Frank Freudberg's New Audiobook Thriller 'Find Virgil'

PHILADELPHIA, June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ In the infamous underground novel of revenge Find Virgil, health fanatic Martin Muntor develops lung cancer from second-hand smoke, and he's not amused.

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Muntor, a Philadelphia journalist who spent decades taking care of his body and mind, is driven over the edge by the death sentence of Stage 4 lung cancer. He invents an intricate scheme of retaliation against cigarette manufacturers and smokers. He'll stop at nothing for a chance to get even and make himself famous.

The audiobook version of Find Virgil (released in June, 2014 and produced and narrated by the legendary voice actor Joe Cirillo), tells the tale of Muntor's 1995 mission and how the police, FBI and even Big Tobacco's own investigators can't stop him. Only a deeply flawed private detective and his guru an eccentric, grandmotherly, eighty-something psychiatrist stand a chance against the brilliant and motivated madman.

But that's fiction.

In reality, the U.S. Surgeon General, some of the most powerful anti-tobacco organizations in the world, and an array of increasingly restrictive laws and regulations all failed to outmaneuver the well-funded and sophisticated legal, marketing and PR strategies of Big Tobacco.

In the mid-1990s, Freudberg followed Congressional hearings focused on the tobacco industry. He says he was fascinated by the way tobacco company CEOs arrogantly and fearlessly tried to deceive Congress.

"Under oath," says Freudberg, "the CEOs swore they had no prior knowledge of the dangers of tobacco smoke. Their lies were rejected, and one result was the costly tobacco industry settlement with the attorneys general in 46 states. It's true Big Tobacco lost that battle the settlement will eventually cost the industry $206 billion but ever since, they've been winning the war and laughing all the way to the bank. Martin Muntor devised a way to level the playing field.Find Virgilis definitely a David vs. Goliath story but this time Big Tobacco won't think it's so funny."


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