'Faith Steps for Military Families' is Released

"Faith Steps for Military Families" by Lisa Nixon Phillips explores building spiritual resilience in military families. To pre-order a copy, visit www.LisaNixonPhillips.com or email info@lisanixonphillips.com

"Without a sense of unity, a military marriage can leave a couple feeling as though they are drifting at sea, pitched to and fro without a sense of purpose or direction," said Phillips who is a retired Navy wife who recently celebrated her 26 th wedding anniversary.

The military community agrees that faith makes a difference whether serving in harm's way or serving as the often overlooked hero sustaining the home front. If there's one thing gleaned from the recent wars is that spiritual readiness for military members and their families is a vital component of resiliency in the face of the immense challenges of a complex lifestyle. However, spiritual well-being in the home often fails to make it to the checkoff list, she said.

"Undoubtedly, marriage is hard in the military and many military marriages lack spiritual footing and often do not last," she said. "My faith and reliance on a Sovereign God, Scripture, and prayer became the strong anchor that helped to keep my life focused and fulfilling during my 18 years as a military wife. Like every military family, we had hard times, even desperate times, but God proved Himself bigger and mightier than our toughest struggles. And He carried us through each one. From that spiritual perspective, I am passionate about the unique challenges of military families."

"I am a believer that faith and prayer make a difference in the overall well-being and resiliency of military families," she said.

One way to measure the durability of a military marriage is by determining whether these four factors are present:

  • A Spirit of Unity Loves and AcceptsLove, when lived out in its marital commitment and not motivated by emotion, can create a harmonious atmosphere in a military home. It cannot be contained; it freely flows unrestricted.
  • A Spirit of Unity Contributes and TrustsA military marriage that shares keeps the focus of their union on their joint purpose in life. When each honors the other in the relationship, they feel safe to share weaknesses, fears, strengths, struggles, failures, and victories. Genuine unity communicates trustconfidence that failure doesn't automatically mean a collapse in the relationship, or rejection altogether.
  • A Spirit of Unity is UnselfishSelfishness treats the marriage as disposable. It conveys the message that if one person doesn't measure up to expectations, he or she will find someone else who will. A spirit of unselfishness is quintessential in the demands of a military marriage where months of separation can be a source of friction.
  • A Spirit of Unity Embraces Concerns and NeedsBy mutually attending to the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of each other, especially before and during deployments, this not only strengthens the bonds while separated, but it reveals the value they attach to their spouse and to their union.

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