Fadele Releases New Book Calling on Fatherhood Ideals

Fadele Releases New Book Calling on Fatherhood Ideals

NEW YORK, June 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Ahead of Sunday's commemoration of Father's Day,a new book "YOUR 4 FATHERS AND THEIR KINGDOMS," written by Dr. James O. Fadele, a top US Pastor and continental leader of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, North America, (RCCGNA) will be out this weekend.

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YOUR 4 FATHERS AND THEIR KINGDOMS is about fathers and their kingdoms. The book reveals that there are principally four levels of fathering with their different spheres of influence:

  • Biological father: the physical source
  • Tutorial father: the mentor
  • Spiritual father: the one who leads and develops children in the Lord
  • Heavenly father:our father who art in heaven

In nine profound chapters and in about 150 pages, the author relishes the reader with biblical perspectives, practical illustrations and anecdotes that tell of these different levels of fatherhood and their expected roles.

Drawing from real life stories of contemporary American presidents, African traditional family practices including his own, music, sport celebrities and leaders from different stations in life, the author passionately defines the inevitable need for fathers, the decline of fathering and how the absence of fathers from the home has become a bane in our society today.

In each of the level of fathering the book discusses, it discloses that it is only when the father as king is in place that order is established for the well being of the home and the children.

Indeed each level of fathering should be perceived as a kingdom, because that is how God operates, based on His own over-riding authority, power and kingdom. Fatherhood is not a republic, nor is it a democracy, the book asserts.