Author Constant Tsouza believes that today's society is not that different to the ancient ones: people are still struggling for security, their will to possess more and to consume more, and their thirst for power. Most of the time, they are still fighting wrong selfish battles. In his new publication, "First Hymn to Life in Congo" underlines this fact of life. He shows the extent of man's nature through the story of one remarkable woman who braved the tragedies of her life and still managed to retain the goodness of her heart.

Maria had been raped by a way of life - a way of life known as Coconis, which refers to various kinds of vicious, horrific, and inexcusable forms of barbaric behaviour. As a direct consequence of this horrific and violent crime, Maria gave birth a few months later, just like several other young girls who had also become innocent, silent, and secret victims of similar crimes in the ravaged countries of Africa, especially in Congo.

However, unlike some of the other young women victims, Maria was blessed with a strong faith in God. She was determined not to resort to taking her own life and not to destroy the tiny life which was already gradually starting to grow inside her womb. Maria had simply decided to transform this violent and hateful act which had stripped her of all human dignity into something much more powerful and good. She wanted to be able to truly forgive.

"First Hymn to Life in Congo" is a message to so called developing country's managers, telling them that life is all about managing the Maslow pyramid within an allocated time frame. It also tries to answer the more spiritual question "What is the scope of our lives, are we just simple tourists on Earth with as only goal - enjoying life and having fun?" Maria's story will impart to readers the essence of forgiveness.

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