ExpertSubjects Releases 'Yellowstone Four'

June 17
1:08 2014
ExpertSubjects Releases 'Yellowstone Four'

New York, NY

Yellowstone National Park is a dormant super volcano with a destructive potential some two thousand times that of Mount Saint Helens. When Yellowstone erupts, life as we know it in North America will change forever. Seismic activity in Yellowstone National Park is monitored continuously by staffers at the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, who caution there is no immediate threat. On the other hand, observatory scientists admit the park will erupt some day, but they have no idea when.

If a trusted and confidential source, i.e. God Himself, told you that Yellowstone was about to erupt and invited you to save humankind, how might you respond? Such is the premise of Yellowstone Four, a debut novel by Ken Kilner. The author tells a tongue-in-cheek tale in which a resurrected Jesus Christ and Genghis Khan assist the hero in his quest, not to mention God in the form of Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Albert Einstein, and General Jimmy Doolittle. Despite its humor, however, the book does not shy away from the horrifying implications of a truly cataclysmic event.

Published by Expert Subjects, Yellowstone Four is downloadable on Kindle and available in print from all major and independent booksellers.


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