Everyone Can Sell eBooks Securely on Their Own Website with EditionGuard

Everyone Can Sell eBooks Securely on Their Own Website with EditionGuard

Based on Adobe Content Server, EditionGuard is an affordable and hosted eBook DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution for protecting ePub and PDF eBooks. It can be integrated with any website using platform independent APIs, allowing for secure delivery and consumption of eBooks on over 150 compatible mobile devices and apps.

It is the same technology used by industry giants, such as Google, Barnes & Noble, Sony and OverDrive for protection of eBooks.

Typically, deploying and integrating an Adobe Content Server based DRM system is out of reach for many. It entails an investment of tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours dealing with complex server software in the first year alone. Just the software license is priced at $10.000, and when you factor in the costs for deploying, integrating and running all the software and hardware involved, it all adds up to a hefty budget rather quickly.

Adobe Content Server is the most widely used DRM solution for eBooks on the market. Yet, many have not been able to make use of it because of its prohibitive entry requirements.

EditionGuard aims to change that by providing Adobe Content Server as a hosted and fully managed solution with affordable pricing plans and extra features for easing integration.

EditionGuard Pricing starts at just $39 / month for the Indie Plan, which allows for any self-publisher to utilize the DRM system with up to five titles. Higher tier pricing plans are also available for larger operations. Best of all, you can try it out free of charge for 30 days, without any commitments or a credit card.

To ease integration, EditionGuard has created many tools in addition to the original Adobe Content Server package.