'Escape to Be Free in Pursuit of Luck' is Released

July 3
7:38 2014
'Escape to Be Free in Pursuit of Luck' is Released

Naples, FL

After the Second World War, Hungary was part of the eastern block of countries controlled by the Soviets. This is a dark era in Hungarian history where people were oppressed and thousands were either killed or exiled as enemies of the state. It is also in this era that author Tom Krieser was born and forced to escape from his beloved homeland. In "Escape to be Free in Pursuit of Luck" Krieser has written an intriguing autobiography of his life.

"Escape to be Free in Pursuit of Luck" follows Krieser's escape from Soviet Era Hungary and his journey to Canada with little more than a diary, a birth certificate, and a determination to succeed. This inspiring book shows how Krieser was able to cultivate a career in the pulp and paper industry and succeed in life despite the many obstacles he faced. This book is also dedicated to the fine people who have helped him throughout his life. It also addresses the issues of political and social division that is plaguing society and also speaks of the importance of good values that are somewhat lacking in people nowadays. It is a truly inspiring book that shows readers the importance of hard work and love of freedom.


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