'Equipping Quality Youth Development Professionals' Offers Advice for Youth

'Equipping Quality Youth Development Professionals' Offers Advice for Youth

Cumming, GA

As a seasoned professional in the field of child and youth services, author William B. Kearney has seen many adults struggle to find great activities for youth programs. They've also struggled, he notes, with communication, not knowing how to work with children and especially teenagers.

Kearney's new book, "Equipping Quality Youth Development Professionals: Improving Child and Youth Program Experiences" (published by iUniverse), brings his 36 years of experience working with private, not-for-profit, and public sector youth programs to assist camp counselors, afterschool care personnel, and many other volunteers who work with children and young adults.

"Equipping Quality Youth Development Professionals" provides youth program staff and volunteers with the training, support, and resources needed to develop age-appropriate programs that keep participants engaged.

Kearney includes 15-minute training sessions for volunteers to follow before programs begin, and references child and youth development theories for further clarity. He advises readers on appropriate staff-child interactions and age-appropriate programs and activities.

Along with the book, Kearney also developed a complementary app, E-QYP, for volunteers on the go. The app provides much of the useful information and resources from the text, but in a concise format that is ready to go wherever users are.

"The book provides relevant summation of child and adolescent theory," Kearney says, "while translating the theory into recommended actions to take, and then provides sample activities to see what type of activity promotes positive development in the developmental domains."