Elizabeth Jobson Releases BENTLEY GOES ON HOLIDAY

Elizabeth Jobson Releases BENTLEY GOES ON HOLIDAY

There is nothing like the golden days of summer to relax, unwind and completely enjoy life. An adorable Cocker Spaniel will not have it any other way as well. From author Elizabeth Jobson comes an entertaining tale that will take readers on an enthralling summer getaway with her new publication, Bentley Goes on Holiday.

It is December and it is summer in Australia. Bentley is going on a holiday. He is so excited to explore Barkroyal, a boutique pet resort that will give him an experience of a lifetime. Bentley meets lots of girls and boys who join him in all the fun activities in the resort. They play games, swim in a pool, and have the time of their lives under the sun. When it was time to call it a day, Bentley gets to retire in a comfortable room with his own comfy bed. He can watch TV and simply relax.

It is a sad time when he has to say goodbye. It is so much fun to be in that place where he gets to make friends and enjoy the day to his heart's content. Will he be able to go back here? The readers will surely find Bentley an endearing character who will entertain them with his silly antics and coax a smile or two out of their lips as he takes them into an Australian summer adventure they will never forget.

With its colorful illustrations and vibrant pictures, Bentley Goes on Holiday will surely be loved by little boys and girls. It will also teach them that dogs are gentle animals with feelings and are capable of excitement and having fun just like they do.

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