Edmund Ironside Releases New Fiction, DANCE WITH THE GODS

Life at New Earth is hard and unforgiving. Only the strongest, smartest and most spiritual can survive. Following a trail hidden eons ago, five young spiritual scientists have set out to find four keys needed to complete a prophecy delivered to the too-young concubine, Ussa, and her beautiful daughters. Journeying in a great ship through the universes, they will learn not only how the universes exist but why they exist. The third journey, the real journey, has begun; from a place called Eden.

The Faraway trilogy explores a possible explanation, and a way to escape from a hateful end. Journeying through the stars, the Searcher, and her companions follow a trail prepared eons ago. At the end of the trail, they find the Keepers of the Secret, and they reveal four even greater journeys, leading to another universe, after which begins the ultimate voyage; The Third Journey.

Journeying through the stars of more than one universe, they are searching for four carefully hidden keys, after which they will find and deliver the prophesied gift to Theone, the architect of the universes. Only then, can the Third Journey begin.

Excerpt from the "Dance With The Gods":

In the dark void, the message from the Goddess and the God neared completion. The entire fleet of the Great Dark listened silently. The message was one of compassion. It had been crafted to buoy up, not to tear down or to gloat over the losers. It spoke of dignity and purpose before their inevitable noble sacrifice. For most of the warriors, fear and self loathing began to ease away. Some even began to see good in what was about to happen. They had all expected that in some forsaken corner of their empire, they would die ingloriously and be forgotten. They were just cannon fodder. The braver among them were prepared for such things.

Each ship's containment field had become bloated with antimatter, the most volatile and explosive substance known. They could hold no more. It would be enough. The message ended, but Ultar spoke one last time. "Commander Madak," Ultar's calm voice resonated through the fleet, "you have been trying to shoot Ultar since we first met near Thralland. Now is your chance. The range is five thousand, six hundred and fifty four meters. The bearing is dead ahead vertically and horizontally. Now is the time. Nothing will be gained by waiting. You are energized, as you can see. Kill Ultar. Fire now!"

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