Dr. Randolph Pinch Shares His Story in FROM GOD'S HOUSE TO YOU

Ontario, Canada

A survivor of poverty and violent abuse as a child, Dr. Randolph Pinch shares his story as a series of life-building anecdotes in his new book, 'From God's House to You'. Even at the young age of three, he was able to elicit a feeling of warmth, protection, and comfort from an unseen source amid a tumultuous home life.

Pinch wanted to share the stories of his life, both good and bad, as a message of hope. "Hope is a strong tonic," says Pinch. "It's the best medicine I know for strengthening the mind-body connection. I have always believed that if you can positively change someone's thinking, you will positively change the way they feel about themselves. Healing the mind is the first step in healing the body."

He remembers his life from as young as three years old. He began to pray and pronounce his love of God at age four, to the surprise of his mother. His assurance of God's love helped him get through his traumatic childhood, which included the untimely death of his brother in a freak accident. Throughout his life, Pinch has had several supernatural experiences involving the dead, both strangers and loved ones. His near-death experiences helped form who he is today.

Pinch realized that he had a psychic ability along with his deep spirituality and took the time to foster it. He combines that ability with his love of God and prayer. He also believes that dreams are very powerful and can be a method of spiritual communication. His book includes several examples of his own dreams and their profound meanings within his own life.

After working jobs including carpentry and subcontracting, Pinch came upon his true calling in life: helping others with their health. The desire to study natural medicine and herbal remedies grew to a point where he finally decided to receive his certification and subsequently developed his own practice. With his expertise in herbal medicine, he developed supplements that he offers as treatments for serious ailments.

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