Dr. Larry Senn Releases UP THE MOOD ELEVATOR

Dr. Larry Senn Releases UP THE MOOD ELEVATOR

Dr. Larry Senn, founder and chairman of the culture-shaping firm Senn Delaney, today announced the release of a new book, Up The Mood Elevator, that is designed as a simple guide to help people lead more positive lives by consciously striving to experience life in a healthier state of mind. The book is now available on Amazon.com.

"People all ride the Mood Elevator every day, at their jobs and in their personal lives. When they are feeling are at their best, they are unconsciously experiencing the top of the Mood Elevator. When they are on the lower floors, life looks a lot different, problems seem harder, solutions don't come as easily, and they may react to situations and people in a less than positive way," says Senn. "Wouldn't it be great if people knew the right button to push to move toward the top of their personal Mood Elevator? Wouldn't it be useful if there were ways to make their visits to the lower levels of shorter duration and less intense?"

Senn founded the global culture-shaping consulting firm Senn Delaney in 1978 to help organizations enhance spirit and create healthy, high-performance cultures. He has authored numerous thought papers and books on how to do this, including the book, Winning Teams, Winning Cultures. He says that that journey, as well as his own path in life with its many challenges and rewards, inspired him to write a book that would not only help people professionally, but give them the tools to profoundly change how they experience their personal lives in a more positive way. Up The Mood Elevator is based on Senn's life experiences as well as many lessons clients have learned on their journeys to healthier high performance through the culture-shaping concepts, including the Mood Elevator.

In the following Q&A, Senn shares more insights about his new book, available for purchase on Amazon.com or by visiting http://www.upthemoodelevator.com.

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Why did you write this book?

My purpose in writing Up the Mood Elevator-Living Life at Your Best is to share with people some profound principles, fascinating concepts and practical tools to improve their ride on their own Mood Elevator. My hope is that it will improve people's experience of life, enhance their results, help them to build better relationships and create more success with less stress. "

What is the Mood Elevator?

The Mood Elevator is our moment-to-moment experience of life. It encompasses a wide range of feelings. Together these emotions play a major role in defining the quality of our lives as well as our effectiveness.

Where did you get the idea for it?

Many of the notions in this book came to me through the school of life. The Mood Elevator depicted in my book is a hypothetical one. It is based on my own experience and input from hundreds of groups and tens of thousands of people attending seminars designed or conducted by Senn Delaney, the worldwide culture-shaping firm I founded in 1978. The Mood Elevator illustrates what I perceive as The Common human condition. While most people immediately relate to the concept of the Mood Elevator when they see it, very few have ever thought about their life experience in this way. That's probably because they assume it's "just the way life is," and that nothing can be done about the ups and downs. I wanted people to know that there is something they can do and that it can make an incredible difference in their lives.

How can people benefit from reading the book?

The promise of the book is that people can spend more time in the higher floors of the Mood Elevator and do less damage to themselves and others in times they are down, which we all are sometimes. This means they will spend less time worrying, being irritated and bothered and feeling stressed. They will have higher emotional intelligence, have better relationships and a higher overall quality of life.