Dr. Karatoprak Publishes New Weight Loss Book Breakthrough

Dr. Karatoprak Publishes New Weight Loss Book Breakthrough

Fort Lee, NJ

'Weight Loss Tailored for Women' is a new book based on over 25 years of Dr. Karatoprak's hands-on clinical weight loss treatment expertise, and continuous medical research, leading to his breakthrough weight loss discovery. Readers will begin to understand the root causes of obesity and being overweight, while learning the proper, personalized medically correct solution Dr. Karatoprak has invented.

This new book reveals how the abundance and availability of attractive fad-diets promising fast weight loss results for all, stray the public from the correct approach for effective and permanent weight loss. "Although these diets are extremely attractive for people looking for a quick-fix, they often lack the essential medical foundation necessary for the results dieters ultimately wish to achieve", Dr. Karatoprak proclaims.

Dr. Karatoprak has discovered that the correct treatment of people who are obese and overweight is most effective when tailored to each individual's unique body type and lifestyle, which include body composition, rate of metabolism, hormonal balance, exercise capacity, and caloric intake. "Not everyone is obese or overweight the same way, and not everyone is obese or overweight for the same reason. This is why a medically correct personalized weight loss approach is needed", says Dr. Karatoprak.

There are three key factors individuals need to know about their bodies in order to achieve results. These three key factors are:

  • Body Fat Type
  • Metabolic Type
  • Behavioral Type (Under-Exercise or Over-Exerciser; Under-Eater or Over-Eater).

Using the factors listed above, an individuals' Body-Profile Type is determined to establish a personalized nutrition and exercise program, as explained in 'Weight Loss Tailored for Women', and in his free videos located at http://www.drkhealth.com.

'Weight Loss Tailored for Women' reveals why the one-size-fits-all low calorie diets and weight loss programs can fail. "They are weight loss traps, and the majority of them promise quick weight loss results for people who are looking for a quick fix." Dr. Karatoprak also points out that, "the long-term results of these low calorie weight loss books and diet programs are inevitably disappointing, with increased weight gain and added frustration for many dieters, often causing unhealthy Low Calorie Dieter's Syndrome".

With this new book, readers will become better educated about how their bodies actually work, and why low calorie diets slow down the body's metabolism, causing Low Calorie Dieter's Syndrome. They will also become more informed about the importance of following a personalized diet and exercise program which is tailored to their specific Body-Profile Type, ultimately helping to correct hormonal imbalances, increasing metabolism, and improving body composition. Included in the book are delicious healthy foods, nutrition plans, supplement tips, and exercise programs that work best for weight loss, appetite control, and health. Lastly, the final goal for this book is to help readers achieve long-term weight maintenance, and prevent future weight gain.