Dr. Jeanne Sheffield Releases GOD'S BEST IS ME

Dr. Jeanne Sheffield Releases GOD'S BEST IS ME

When Dr. Jeanne Sheffield began teaching music to children living in the inner city in Memphis, Tenn., she knew it was going to be difficult. It was, but it also gave her an idea.

That idea developed into her new book, "God's Best is Me," an etiquette workbook that contains lessons on manners, role playing ideas and exercises to improve children's social skills.

"These were not bad kids, they were just unruly, undisciplined and unaware," Dr. Sheffield said. "I wanted to show them how to communicate, articulate and develop better characters for themselves"

After working with her students on etiquette, their behavior turned around completely.

"My kids and I were having a ball," Dr. Sheffield said. "They were changing and transforming. Instead of a disruptive chaotic atomosphere, a new more disciplined one began taking its place."

Written through her perspective as a Christian minister, she adds new dimension to these life-lessons not found in other etiquette guides. Dr. Sheffield began tweaking the book with homeschooling families in mind. She wanted to be able to use her specialty in formal ettiquite to help parents.

Written for children from age 6 to 17, Dr. Jeanne's book is a helpful resource for parents teaching their children about manners. It even includes tips about relatively new social phenomena like cell phone manners.

"Instead of having to send their kids off to expensive one-dimensional charm schools, I hoped I could inspire moms all across the world to teach their kids themselves," Dr. Sheffield said.

Accompanying "God's Best is Me" is "God's Best is Your Child," a guide for parents that can accompany the workbook. This resource offers moms creative ideas about how to approach and design their classes and how to keep class time exciting and engaging.

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"God's Best is Me"
By Dr. Jeanne Sheffield
ISBN: 978-1-4817-0754-151695
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and AuthorHouse

About the author
Dr. Jeanne Sheffield is a Christian minister and composer with a background in television in singing, acting and dancing. She currently lives with her family in Washington, D.C.

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