Douglas L. Field Gives Legal Insight on being an Expert Witness in THE EXPERT EXPERT

February 19
7:29 2013

Douglas L. Field Gives Legal Insight on being an Expert Witness in THE EXPERT EXPERT

Having been an attorney for nearly 40 years, Douglas L. Field has a wealth of knowledge regarding the legal process. After retiring at the end of 2011 from his last job as the manager of a large civil defense practice, he began giving workshops and seminars on improving the level of expert witness practice. Seeing how successful and helpful his events were, Field decided to share his legal insights, experiences and advice with his new book, "The Expert Expert: The Path to Prosperity and Prominence as an Expert Witness" (published by iUniverse).

"The Expert Expert" explains in manageable detail the legal process involving expert witnesses. Field teaches experts how to succeed in report writing, in giving depositions and in offering testimony at trial. He also discusses how attorneys prepare for expert depositions and trial testimony and offers suggestions as to how experts can best succeed in both direct and cross-examination settings. The book concludes by discussing several additional matters of interest such as finance and payment, record keeping and some of the pitfalls and impediments to getting into expert witness work.

From his career-long knowledge of and experience in legal practices, Field teaches both veteran and aspiring expert witnesses to prosper and attain prominence as expert witnesses through improving understanding and cooperation between the legal profession and the other professions and measurably elevating expert witness practice and promoting justice.


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