Dorila A. Marting Announces PERUVIAN SHORT STORIES

June 25
7:26 2014
Dorila A. Marting Announces PERUVIAN SHORT STORIES

Tucson, AZ

A native of Pomabamba, Peru, author Dorila A. Marting grew up surrounded by the tales of her native city as told by family members and local Quechua storytellers. Her early childhood years were filled with fascinating stories; some true and some based on folklores, and have always been engraved in her memory. In "Peruvian Short Stories," she brings these childhood accounts to life with a narrative that is as distinctively authentic as it is universally relatable. This book is a collection of short stories that explore the Peruvian culture.

This book includes thirty Quechua and Spanish narratives that occurred about a century ago. Some of the stories are based on local folklore told to the author by Quechua storytellers and family members - such as Mother Earth and The Emigration of Domestic Animals. She also heard tales from others, including Hunted for Life and To Live Incognito. These stories depict true-to-life dramatic situations in the lives of some of her relatives. They thoroughly explore the rich traditions and beliefs of Peru. The themes are timeless and as relevant today as they were centuries ago. They vary from love/hate situation to loyalty, disobedience, comradeship and many other subjects applicable to everyday life.
"Peruvian Short Stories" offers extremely interesting and unique tales that date back to the era of Peru that not many are familiar with. They depict different aspects of life and customs of long ago in a remote Andean community. In this book, readers will get a glimpse of the colorful Peruvian culture such as the way of life in haciendas and Quechua celebrations and beliefs.


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