Donald Kahn Explores History of Photography in New Book

July 30
7:29 2014
Donald Kahn Explores History of Photography in New Book


A dedicated amateur photographer all his adult life, author Donald Kahn often thought of writing a concise history of the subject. He does not know of any work that pretends to cover the entire subject, yet could be read over a weekend. For him, there is no longer a need for a monster book where every thought is illustrated by a picture. His book, "PHOTOGRAPHY: A CONCISE HISTORY" (published by Xlibris) talks about the compact history of photography.

The subject of photography is enormous. Kahn has been forced to make some choices with regards to the topics he discussed. At the suggestion of friends, he added some photos of his own and a few that are in the public domain. For him, photographs that can be accessed online with no cost, the publication of some photography books, the death of Kodachrome slide film, the rise of digital photography and more have led him to rethink the way in which one look at photography, especially the way in which earlier photography influences what comes later. He believed that the influence of certain photographers on others is known but often not really appreciated. In his opinion, the importance of nationalities in the subject of photography needs a more serious examination.


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