Dianne Zalitis Offers Answers to Infertility Questions in New Book

According to The Fertility Society of Australia, one in six couples in Australia and New Zealand suffers infertility. After living with infertility and trying to get pregnant for 17 years, author Dianne Zalitis shares her truly inspiring journey of faith and healing with her new publication, "The Infertility Question." Her pain and grief was supernaturally healed by God, and it was at the prompting of God that she wrote her story.

This book chronicles how the author dealt with her journey through infertility, underlining her pain and anguish of never being able to have children to her eventual healing and discovery of another purpose for her life other than being a mother. It also tells of the parallel life she led as a midwife, caring for thousands of women during their pregnancies, labors and giving birth, balancing the hope of birth and the fear of infertility. Over laying all of this is her faith journey with God, her doubts and questions and how He brought light into the darkness of her childlessness.

Infertility is a taboo topic, unspoken by women to other women. It is a socially isolating experience. Women will respond to the message of hope, the strategies for healing and finding a purpose for their lives. It brings together a community of women who have experienced the same thing, but such a community is very hard to find. Zalitis's story sheds light and better understanding of what these women go through as they deal with infertility and childlessness not out of choice, but as a product of an unfortunate circumstance. She is able to answer the big question, "What do I do with my life if I am not a mother?"

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