Dianne Porter Releases MY MOTHER'S WAY OF DYING WELL

Dianne Porter Releases MY MOTHER'S WAY OF DYING WELL

Losing a loved one is a devastating event and coping with grief and bereavement can be painful and difficult. When author Dianne Porter's mother passed away, she found herself struggling not only with tumultuous emotions affecting her behavior also with how she communicated her feelings to the people dear to her as her mother and daughter relationship was changing forever. Eventually, Porter found catharsis in writing and discovered that she could use this medium by expressing herself and capturing the lessons that she learned from this heartbreaking episode involving hospice palliative care. In her new book, My Mother's Way of Dying Well, she shares comfort for those struggling with a similar tragedy. Readers are invited to join her in tracing her journey through the dying and death of her mother to healing after her loss.

Porter became her mother's primary caregiver after she was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer and her role affected all of her family relationships. Seeing her mother go through the agonizing experience was tough and expressing what she felt throughout the ordeal proved just as overwhelming. She opens up,

"Sharing my mother's journey leading up to her death and after it as co executor of her estate was very emotionally exhausting for me. Writing kept me going. I discovered the people I needed to talk to found it hard to hear what I was sharing too so they could read what I wrote at their own pace in private."

In My Mother's Way of Dying Well, Porter bravely gives voice to the darkness that came during a time of weakness, more importantly she talks about the spiritual journey that unexpectedly unfolded. Her story is an honest account of the pain of loss but most of all it is a triumphant testament of love, family, devotion and the power of the human spirit.

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