Diane M. Cece Releases TRAILS SOUTHWEST

A young man lost his family during a raid by rustlers in the 1870's. His father died from a shot through the stomach with a rifle. His mother and sister were already overcome by heat and smoke. In a matter of minutes, his whole family was taken. Heartbroken and lonely, he blindly went to work burying his family on the hillside behind the house. Left alone to fend for himself, he sells his father's farm and becomes a drifter and so called saddle tramp.

"Trails Southwest," a Western fictional novel written by author Diane M. Cece tells the story of 19-year-old Tom Lacey and all about the roadblocks in his way as well as the hardships he suffers in order to meet his goals. His desperate pursuit for survival led him to become involved with a band of desperados. He learns a fast draw, gains a reputation and flees with Smokey, a cowboy and drifter he befriends. Smokey and Tom had a lot of respect for each other, and they had become true comrades. Since riding trail together, they had been through thickets and thorns and could just about read what the other was thinking. But then again, Tom got tired of running and wants to leave the gang to move on to someplace else.

Tom was the best friend Smokey had in a long time, and he didn't want to risk losing that friendship now. Besides, with Tom's new reputation, somebody had to ride trail with him. No one but Smokey himself would be loyal enough to handle such a tough job so he decided to go with him. He ends up in jail, however, because he does not have 100 dollars to pay for the damages he caused to the faro table in Silver's Gaming Hall, and he is to stand trial for murder of a woman. Tom bailed him out on the damages and helps him escape. A hot pursuit ensues and the two found themselves on the ranch of John O' Connor. They would use this ranch as a cover from the law and hold honest jobs as cow hands as long as they could. If they could escape the law entirely, they could get away free. No more running; no more wandering the back trails. They could settle down and be honest men and hard workers from now on and, hopefully, forever. However, Tom finds himself falling in love with a female who carried enough evidence against him to get him hanged.

Then there is also Buck who is John O'Connor's ranch foreman. A tough disciplinarian who made the ranch hands toe the line. He took a dislike to the young new hire he thought was a no count farm boy. It was his job to straighten out the trouble maker and turn him into a worthy ranch hand.

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