'Desperate In DC' Ebook Now Available on Kindle

The hilarious new blog-book Desperate in DC has been released at a discounted price of just $1.99 for Amazon Kindle readers just in time for the New Year! Desperate in DC from first time authors and radio personalities Crystal Walker and Phoebe Thompson chronicles the exploits of two privileged and wickedly funny professional women in Washington, DC through their witty and often laugh-out-loud blog exchanges with one another. The ladies gleefully skewer the privileged and powerful in the nation's capital, while simultaneously tackling their own life challenges.

"Crystal" and "Phoebe" (pseudonyms for the authors and on-air pundits, who understandably wish to fly under the radar) are also in the midst of a nationwide talk radio tour, having appeared on dozens of leading shows from coast-to-coast to dish about hot pop culture topics from navigating through family gatherings to the merits of being naughty rather than nice at office parties.

The two fashionista Washington, DC moms have proven adept at tackling the challenges of modern motherhood, money, and marriage both on the air and in ebook form. Crystal, a DC employment attorney and mother of four and Phoebe, a public relations consultant and mother of two shine with their friendly fire, hilarious visuals, and clever conversation. They joyfully skewer the power, wealth and status-hungry residents of the Washington DC metro area - while poking fun at the daily happenings of their own lives.

The anonymity of the writers' identities has provided them with the ultimate "fly on the wall" status, soaking up insider dirt in the usually buttoned-up and mysterious world of the Nation's Capital. You would never imagine that two attractive, fit and preppy mothers would be the conduits to all that DC dirty laundry, and that's exactly the point.

In Desperate in DC and on the air, the ladies share stories of sex and social climbing, two fads not unique to Washington, D.C., but perhaps perfected there. Crystal and Phoebe shine a light on their own hijinks too, from sexting a complete stranger in order to get some computer work done, to the challenges of fulfilling one's "wifely duty" while dealing with kids, cars, and knucklehead husbands.

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