Denny C. Wise Offers His SUGAR-FREE RELIGION in New Release

Denny C. Wise Offers His SUGAR-FREE RELIGION in New Release


Judy B. Wise presents a new book written by her late husband Denny C. Wise: "Sugar-Free Religion: Trimming the Fluff from a Fragmented Faith" (published by Trafford Publishing).

"Denny believed we are all called by God to be 'change agents,' people willing to relate not only to the beautiful people of this world but the not-so-beautiful as well," Judy Wise says. "By doing this, we find a relationship with them and with God."

"Sugar-Free Religion" is about "relational theology." Judy Wise explains that "relational theology" means that people must give hope to the hopeless and love to the unlovely. She says that this follows in the footsteps of what Jesus did while he was on Earth and it is what Christians are called to do still today.

Judy Wise says "Sugar-Free Religion" expresses what Denny Wise's active ministry was all about for 40 years, from both the pulpit and in his daily life. She hopes his message will help those who are seeking a relationship with God but are confused by all the religious "mumbo jumbo" and don't know quite how to achieve it.

"Denny will knock the sugar coating, the marshmallow fluffiness and even the sugar sprinkles from your faith," Judy Wise says. "Don't worry if a few things fall to the wayside. That's OK, because from there you can begin to build your own bright, shiny faith - free of the stickiness."

"Sugar-Free Religion"
By Denny C. Wise
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 274 pages | ISBN 9781490738895
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 274 pages | ISBN 9781490738871
E-Book | 274 pages | ISBN 9781490738888
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