DarkFuse Releases WHOM THE GODS WOULD DESTROY by Brian Hodge

The public is welcome to attend next week's online live event, a book release party for Brian Hodge's Whom the Gods Would Destroy. It will be held on DarkFuse's Events Page at 9 PM EST on Tuesday, 12/10/13. You can sign up to be reminded about the event HERE. There will be prizes drawn at random for several lucky attendees.

"Any sufficiently advanced intelligence is indistinguishable from godhood."

For Damien, growing up was all about being an outsider in his own home. His mother and brother shared an unfathomable bond that left him excluded from their lives. Yet his earliest, fragmentary memory of them was so nightmarish, their lives were something he ran from as soon as he could.

Now an astronomy graduate student in Seattle, Damien is happy with his place as a speck in a cosmos vast beyond comprehension. Until his brother turns up after 13 years, to make amends and seek his expertise on a discovery that may not be of this Earth. The more the world expands to admit the possibilities of a universe stranger than even Damien has imagined, the greater is his urgency to resist being reclaimed by a past that never seemed to want him...until now.

Like a collision of galaxies between H.P. Lovecraft and Carl Sagan, Whom the Gods Would Destroy looks to the night skies as the source of our greatest wonder, and finds them swarming with our worst fears.

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Brian HodgeBrian Hodge is the award-winning author of eleven novels spanning horror, crime, and historical. He's also written over 100 short stories, novelettes, and novellas, and five full-length collections. His first collection, The Convulsion Factory, was ranked by critic Stanley Wiater among the 113 best books of modern horror. The capstone novella of his second, "As Above, So Below," was selected for inclusion in the massive Century's Best Horror anthology of 100 exemplary works of the 20th century.

He lives in Colorado, where more of everything is in the works. He also dabbles in music, sound design, and photography; loves everything about organic gardening except the thieving squirrels; and trains in Krav Maga, grappling, and kickboxing, which are of no use at all against the squirrels.

Connect through his web site (www.brianhodge.net) or on Facebook (www.facebook.com/brianhodgewriter), and follow his blog, Warrior Poet (www.warriorpoetblog.com).

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