DarkFuse Releases COLD BLACK HEARTS, Final Book of The Border Trilogy

DarkFuse Releases COLD BLACK HEARTS, Final Book of The Border Trilogy

DarkFuse has just released the final book in Jeffrey J. Mariotte's The Border Trilogy, Cold Black Hearts. It's now available in an affordable Kindle edition exclusively sold at Amazon.

Book 3 of The Border Trilogy

An explosion has stolen Phoenix police detective Annie O'Brien's hearing, but left her with a preternaturally heightened sense of empathy. Surrounded by emotions she can't cope with and unable to do her job anymore, Annie accepts a job in a small New Mexico town, away from the big city and her former life.

But that job-proving the innocence of a man accused of a double murder-turns out to be more complicated than expected. And so does life in the country outside the small town of Drummond, not least because it's located near the ruins of New Dominion, a border town that was, decades earlier, the site of a devastating massacre.

Now an ancient evil is rising from the ashes of New Dominion, and Annie, haunted by tragedy and threatened by enemies both human and demonic, must stop its ascension...but will she survive?

About the Author

Jeffrey J. Mariotte has written more than forty-five novels, including original supernatural thrillers Missing White Girl, River Runs Red, and Cold Black Hearts, horror epic The Slab, thriller The Devil's Bait, and Stoker Award-nominated teen horror series Dark Vengeance. Two of his novels have won the Scribe Award for Best Original Novel, presented by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers.

His nonfiction work includes the true crime book Criminal Minds: Sociopaths, Serial Killers and Other Deviants, as well as official series companions to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

He is also the author of many comic books, including the original horror/Western series Desperadoes, some of which have been nominated for Stoker and International Horror Guild awards. Other comics work includes the horror series Fade to Black and the original graphic novel Zombie Cop.

He is a member of the Horror Writers Association, the International Thriller Writers, the Western Writers of America, and the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers. With his wife, Maryelizabeth Hart, and partner Terry Gilman, he co-owns Mysterious Galaxy, a bookstore specializing in mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and horror, with locations in San Diego and Redondo Beach, California. He lives on the Flying M Ranch in the American southwest with his family and pets in a home filled with books, music, toys, and other examples of American pop culture. Find him online at and

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