DR. MUTTER'S MARVELS Biography is Released

DR. MUTTER'S MARVELS Biography is Released

New York, NY

Based on 15 years of research and illustrated with dozens of historical (and exclusive) photographs, DR. MÜTTER'S MARVELS: A True Tale of Intrigue and Innovation at the Dawn of Modern Medicine (Gotham; September 4, 2014) delves deep into the life of a man who was truly ahead of his time.

Written by poet and author Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz, the book reveals Mütter's early years as an orphan and time spent studying cutting-edge surgery in Paris, to his struggles to establish himself in Philadelphia amidst the outrageous rivalries among his fellow doctors-many of whom publicly mocked Mütter's philosophies and innovations, including his devotion to pre-and post-operative care, employing anesthesia, and even the sterilization of his tools.

The deluxe eBook edition of DR. MÜTTER'S MARVELS includes over one hour of audio in which author Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz shares facts, stories and insights about Dr. Mütter and his contemporaries that she discovered in her research but didn't make it into the printed book.

Through Mütter's humanist eyes, we are given a front row seat to the evolution of American medicine: from bleedings and leechings to the standardization of medical schools; from the discovery of anesthesia to his community's frustrating resistance to washing hands and sterilizing tools; from the unimaginable medical cases provoked from the rise of industrialism, to the challenges and innovations birthed as the country marched toward the Civil War.

Although he only lived for 47 years, Mütter's impact within medicine is still felt, and his legacy lives on with his enormously popular namesake museum. And now, with DR. MÜTTER'S MARVELS, his strange, inspiring and untold story can finally be shared.

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